Cin’s Challenge-Pray

When I sat down to plan out this challenge I just randomly picked days for things. I tried to make sure anything that might take more effort was on a weekend, but otherwise it was just me plopping things down on days.

So its “funny” that the day we have for Prayer is the day I was already to be in constant communication with my gods.

For me prayer is about a few things. First it is a conversation between me and my Gods/dess. A way to check in, to just ramble and to feel a connection. I chat in my head, visualizing them around me.

Second it is my time to be thankful. I always remember to thank them for something in my prayer. You always see those memes about praying, about how people don’t do it enough, or just to complain etc. Often we only remember to turn to our Gods when we need something. I do my best to try and be thankful too.

Thirdly, yes it is what I do when I am in need. When I am stressed out, worried, mad or tired then I turn to prayer.

Today was one of those days of stress and tired and random worries. So any of my free moments I would pause and pray. Thankful when I was able to deal with something, asking for help when I needed a bit more strength.

I am thankful I got through the day, and tonight when I fall asleep I will pray one last time.


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