Cin’s Feb Challenge

As I had said a few weeks ago I made up a challenge for February. It’s a bit of self-love, inner child, and just all around fun things. At least to me it is…

If you want to participate then all you have to do is read on and follow in any way you wish. You could blog each day about what you are doing or you could just randomly update the world. Or maybe you keep track in your own personal way. Whatever feels best to you. If you want me to see what you are up to then please link this post or leave me a link in the comments on my blog. I’d love to see what you all get up to. I’ll also be tagging it Cin’s Challenge, so you could do that as well and I will try to poke through them all.

Winter tends to be the time when I drag more. And Feb is that month where you know spring is on the way but it still feels so far away. Add to that V-day, which tends to depress people and I thought maybe this would be a good month for something fun.

You can interpret the prompts however you like. Some are a bit specific, but most of them are vague enough you can do whatever feels best to you.

Each day has its own prompt, I hope you enjoy!

  1. Meditate
  2. Sing
  3. Selfie
  4. Play
  5. Watch a movie
  6. Pray
  7. Bubble bath
  8. Tea Party
  9. Brag about yourself or something you are doing
  10. Buy a new pen or dig out your fave one
  11. Write a letter to a friend and mail it
  12. Colour
  13. Read
  14. Indulge yourself in something you love and watch a movie
  15. Dance
  16. Lazy day
  17. Dress up
  18. Create
  19. Photo walk
  20. Journal
  21. Adventure
  22. Finger paint/messy craft
  23. Rest
  24. Connect
  25. Games
  26. Indulge yourself!
  27. Pick your fave day and do it again
  28. Selfie and brag about your fun month


The Selfies don’t have to be your face. You could take a pic of your hands, your toes, your hair, whatever makes you happy. And if you don’t have anyone to write a letter for then ask around. There are lots of people out there that would love snail mail. (Memememee!) I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone does!

I’m going to try my best to update everyone at least weekly on what each day was like. I hope it helps everyone find a bit of joy!

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