TGIF: Dedication

This week was full of organizing and getting myself ready for many things.

We started off the week with a session with a personal trainer at the gym. Holy brutal. I knew I was out of shape, but didn’t realize how out of shape I was. It was tough but I dug down and got through it the best I could. I reminded myself that this was one step on my path to being healthy again. I’m proud of us for going and getting through it. It takes dedication to take care of yourself.

So now I make my plans and do my best to stick to the goals I have created. I know it will be hard at first, but then it will get easier. I remind myself of how great I felt when I was exercising on a regular basis and how happy I was with my body.

We also started planning out moments for joy. We had a date night on sunday and it was fun. I told the hubby to surprise me and so he planned everything out. He left the house to”arrive” and escort me to the car. He’s so adorable. We went out to a nice restaurant where I had a delicious caesar salad. The best I have had in years. And then my dinner arrived it was bigger then my head. Hello large servings.

We also went to a movie. It was sweet and made me cry a bit. We saw About Time. Worth it if you haven’t seen it yet. I think its out on DVD soon. Date night is something we did on occasion last year and we’ll keep on doing it this year.

We also planned out nights to do things together. So we have a music night, and an art night, and a hobby night. All these dates on the calender are there to remind us to connect and have fun together. We create joy when we get out and share experiences with each other.

It also lets us explore new hobbies, which I think is important. I don’t like getting stuck in a rut. New things are fun and keep the brain alive! Plus I love to be crafty and have fun.

Imbolc is approaching and I have been pondering it off an on all week. I need to sit down and write the ritual sometime within the next few days. This time of year is full of the cosmic housekeeping. Many traditions use this time for initiations, and I find that energy out there helps us get started on the spiritual spring cleaning. I like to check in and make sure my practice is all in line at this time of year.

Its been a sleepy week and I’ve been dragging a bit the last half of it. But I am happy that I have been keeping up to date with my dream journal and I am grateful for my wild dreams, even if they leave me tired the next morning.

How was your week? TGIF!


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