TGIF: Simple things

I decided to start doing weekly Friday posts. Not the Pagan Blog Project or anything, just catch ups and gratitude for the week.

Course I decided this last week, and then this week tried to run me into the ground. Haha! Yet here I am.

This week was full of intense dreams and astralness. If that isn’t a word it is now. As I ponder the moments and the things my spirit and mind do while I sleep I am left with this amused feeling. My brain is a crazy creative place and I am so thankful for that. It lets me daydream and plan out things. Often I don’t get to those plans but I still enjoy the process.

I spent a lot of time thinking about the things I am grateful for. Small things like the fact it got warmer out. Or how much I like the way my new gel pens write. Or how sweet my hubby is when he tries to make me giggle. The gentle touches to relax me. Chocolate. That insane tired laughter at work when we are at the end of our ropes but know we have to keep going. The back massage the hubby gave me after a terrible day.

Simple things. Yet each one makes me smile.

I wore my Bast necklace to work the other day. And every time I felt the metal against my skin, or every time I played with it absentmindedly I was thankful. Such a small thing and yet it reminds me that I am blessed. That the Lady walks with me. Even when I stop praying and get out of my spiritual habits she will still be there, quietly prodding me when I need it, laughing at me when I deserve it and protecting me if it is necessary.

Tonight my hubby and I pulled out our sketch books, pencils, pastels, and other supplies and sat at the table and played. We worked on our own stuff, music playing in the background and just let the creation process pull us in and help us unwind. It was lovely.

And now I look forward to a 3 day weekend. Meeting with my Grove to celebrate the moon. Date night with my hubby. Grocery shopping, because I strangely love to do it.

What are you grateful for this week?


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