Project Life 2014

So I finally finished my 2013 Project Life. It’s not fully finished, I have some dates to stamp in it and I found a page I forgot to finish, but it feels finished enough to say it is done.

Archivers is sadly going out of business so I headed down to check out the sale. I snagged 2 Project Life kits (Sunshine and Jade), a binder, some page protectors, a bunch of stickers, stamps and random things and then I came home to check it all out.


Here is a shot of half the things I got. I was happy to poke through it all and examine it. A friend back home had bought the Midnight set a few months ago and sent me a sampling of her cards, so I happily pulled out a sampling of both sets to send back to her. Swapping is fun.

I don’t know if I will do it weekly this year. I am pondering if I want to just do a two page spread for the month or if I want to do it in 2 week intervals. We’ll see how it goes as I get started.

I was excited to see more Amy Tangerine and Dear Lizzy products at Archivers, but now I have to hope that Michael’s has picked them up. I love the bright colours!


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