Joyful Respect

Sometimes I will poke about and see what blogs have been liking my posts or following my blog. I am always surprised at the amount of Christian bloggers that like my posts and follow me. But then I think about it and realize it makes some sense.

I write a lot about positive things, about love, about accepting other faiths and so on. And I do write a lot about understanding that not all people who follow the Christian faith are like the stereotype of the scary bible-thumpers.

I know many good Christians. Ones who believe in forgiveness, understanding and acceptance. Ones who give me hope. Ones who understand that I have the free will to walk my path however I like, even if they don’t agree with it. Ones who may pray for me, but they don’t shove it in my face. The ones who know faith is personal. The ones who make it easy to talk about Christianity, because it isn’t about “We’re right and you are wrong and going to hell”, they make it about the positive things.

I can respect those people. They make it easy.

On the same train of thought those types of people in all faiths are wonderful. Be it Heathens, Kemetics, Druids or Wiccans. Surprisingly I don’t read a lot of Wiccan blogs. Most of them are other pagan faiths because I love to learn about other ways of doing things. I’m interested in how to support my friends even if I don’t walk the same path as they do.

That is why I love to ask my husband about things from the bible. He’ll explain it and give me his thoughts and sometimes we debate things, sometimes we’re on the same page. It is interesting. And it helps me to be supportive of his family and their belief system.

I will often get comments or notes from people about how much they love my positive spirit. About how they love the fact I don’t make religion so boring and serious. Trust me, I can be serious when the time calls for it, however I think that our path should be full of joy and the only way to have that is to do things to create it.

I’ve been a negative Nancy. It didn’t bring me anything fun. Learning to let go of things and embrace the love and joy around me helped me to find fun. Letting go of some of the fears that hold me back let me dance in the grocery store and giggle out loud.

Simple things that make life full of wonder.

I’m glad I can make things joyful for others. I’m blessed every time someone comments to let me know how my words have brightened their day. It makes me glad I didn’t give into other people’s fears and stop blogging.

So I am thankful for all my readers. Whatever faith they may be. I know that we are all connected, even if we believe different things. We’re all here sharing space so it is best if we learn to do it in a respectful and peaceful manner.

Thank you for the continued support, the likes, the comments, the reblogs, and everything! I hope that 2014 is an awesome journey for us all.


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