Onto 2014…

The New Year is upon us. I’ve spent the day organizing and cleaning. Mostly I have focused on my bedroom. The closet got a major clean, I’ve pulled clothing to donate and I got my dresser a bit more organized.

My desk got a clean and I sat down to try and finish off a few projects.

Project life got a bit ( a lot) behind. But the other day I sat down, organized what photos I would use and where and have sent them off to be printed. Once I get them I can easily do some of the journaling and then 2013 will be done.

I think in 2014 I may not do it weekly. I’m pondering doing 2 page spreads for the month, with the option of doing a spread for a day if something extra special happens. Doing it weekly got to be a bit overwhelming with as busy as work kept me.

I’m also going to do a Gratitude Jar. I sat down today to put it all together.


Out came the stamps and some pretty paper. I already had a jar cleaned and ready to go. My hubby is on board with putting in some of the things we are grateful for over the next year.


I went with something that looked cheery. Hopefully we fill it up and then have some good things to read at the end of 2014!

Happy New Years!


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