The New Year’s word

Last year I wrote about picking a word to be my word for the year. I was watching a friend on FB talk about doing it again. 2013 was about Faith and Joy. And I have to say that several things were thrown at me that made me hold onto my Faith even more. And it took awhile to get there, but the joy starting to shine through.

As I was in the car the other day I was thinking about what I wanted 2014 to be about. A word came easily to mind and after rolling it around I decided it would work.

So for 2014 my word will be Connections.

On the mundane level it is about connecting with friends and family. Some people I have fallen out of touch with. Others I have just started to get to know. I think bringing in that energy to communicate with them all will be great. It might force me out more often and that is never a terrible thing.

On the spiritual level it will be about maintaining the strong connections I have with my Gods and Faith. And who knows, maybe I will push them even further and find an even stronger connection. Maybe I will begin to explore other parts of my faith. Perhaps the Astral and Dream world will be easier to connect with. Maybe I will meditate more to forge a stronger ladder to my Faith. More rituals and spiritual moments will come, each with an opportunity to learn something.

Who knows what doors will open or close over the next year. Every day can be an adventure. There are many ways to connect.

Did you pick a word last year? Do you feel you used it? Will you pick one for this year?


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