Musings on 2013

The hubby is playing guitar behind me. Occasionally I bop my head along when I know the song.

I baked today. Shortbread and chocolate chip shortbread cookies. Both are recipes from my family, one my great grandma’s and the other my grandma’s. My hubby told me he had never really eaten a lot of shortbread. Strange to me, but I am from a Scottish family and he is not.

The year is coming to an end. It has been a crazy one but I am happy. I got a job and lost it only to find a much better one. Going into this Xmas the hubby is more relaxed then last year and is having fun with the season. He thanked me the other day for reminding him of how much he loves this holiday. I don’t feel I have done much. I just am me, and me is excited and enthusiastic.

Yule is approaching. I’ll be throwing a small ritual for some friends and we may go out and check out some of the Yule celebrations around town. I get to have the week around Xmas off so it will be nice to relax and finish up any gifty things.

I look forward to relaxing and reading and getting prepped for the new year. My little group will be doing more things and I want to make sure I am up to speed on the things we’ll be discussing.

My dreams have been filled with me working magic. I suppose it is a not so subtle hint from some of my Ladies. I feel like Freyja might be nudging me. I have to give her some points for being patient, I’ve been plodding along with these things for a few years now. Last March she gave me a shove and things have been building since then. I guess we shall see what comes.

The God has been whispering to me here and there. Inspiring me. I have some ideas for a project to honour Him. I just have to get out and get to work. It will take time and poking about to find the right places.

Bast is here. Always. Sighing at me when I’m being a dork. Nudging me when I need to be nudged. Giving me encouragement and snuggles when I need them. Reminding me when to stand my ground.

My personal practice has been quiet. There is so much rushing around and commuting. But I am finding time to pray on the bus, to be thankful at dinner, to smile and laugh with my love. All these things help keep me grounded and spiritual.

I am grateful for the lessons of the year and I look forward to seeing what growth will come in the next.


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