Dreams of the Lady

Last night I had a lovely sleep. I was so comfy under my blankets and got to sleep in. So awesome.

I’ve been having many dreams again. My hubby says I was mumbling about shoes in my sleep the other night. I don’t remember dreaming about shoes so I have no idea. Maybe he was just dreaming about me talking in my sleep.

Last night I was wandering in my sleep. I think I was back in Vancouver, but it was different. I ended up walking by a house and seeing some of my Bast statues in the window of the basement. Then I realized it was my childhood home (it really wasn’t but you know how dreams are). So I headed in and said hello to my mom upstairs and then went down to the basement. It was full of wood and had plastic over everything. I think they were re-modelling.

I went over to the window and pulled back the window covering. It was sticky with spider webs and I flinched but I kept on going. I reached in through the mess and pulled Her out. Then I saw another one and grabbed it too. I went around the room finding statues, plates, and other random decor with her on it.

I put it all on of the work benches and realized one of them had broken. I wasn’t very impressed with the workers for not noticing a statue and breaking her head off. I held it up and realized I could fix it. As I did so the statue morphed into a more space age futuristic looking cat. Her neck became a bottle of some oil and as I put it all together she turned into a Bast mp3 stereo.

Weird. But she does like music and dance so…

I sat there looking at the collection of my things and started pondering how I would get it all home. I think in the end I decided to mail it to myself.

When I woke up I pulled out the new cinnamon incense I got and lit a stick for her. I prayed, did my LBRP and I could feel some of the tension from the work week leave my body.

Visits from the Lady always leave me feeling centered.


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