Predictions and Gratitude

During our ritual we did divination. I dug about in boxes and found all my cards and runes. We had two tarot decks, two oracles decks, a Goddess deck, a meditation deck, love cards and two sets of runes.

When my turn came I decided to pull one of everything and see how it all went together.

Last Samhain I circled with another group. They had their High Priestess pull a card for each of us. Her predictions came true and I’ve thought about it often over the past year.

After looking at what I pulled this year I am full of hope. And I am also full of gratitude. There is so much love and positive change shown. There will be some hard spots but nothing good comes easily. There will be hard work but there will be rewards.

I am blessed by my Gods. I do my best to be thankful, to pray not only in times of need, but in times of joy. I remember to pause and be thankful for something small in my life as well as the big things.

The past year was a strange one. So many changes, so much stress, so much happiness, so much randomness…. I feel I have learned many things this past year. I was worried for a while when I lost my job, but now I see that it was just a moment to reflect and help me to find something else.

The cards and the runes whispered things to me. I ponder how some of them fit with the others but I know it will all be clear eventually. And when I was shuffling my moon oracle to put it away and four cards fell out I knew there was a message there. Four Goddesses stared at me when I flipped them over. Ladies I have never worked with, but I shall ponder on what I can learn from them.

As everything starts to come together I am remembering to keep my connection with the Divine open. I will remember to nurture my joy. And I know more will grow.


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