I just finished Spiritual Cleansing and so was pondering all the folk methods he had mentioned in the book. I was mentally flipping through my own methods and then decided to sit down and write a post.

There are many people out there who do not have space or the privacy to do a lot of spiritual practices. Sometimes we don’t have access to all the herbs or crystals or what-not as well. We do have our mind and simple house hold things.

One of the spaces I enjoy using for spiritual work is the shower. It is a private space and if you are chanting or making noise the shower will muffle it enough that you can just pass it off as singing in the shower badly.

Visualization is also important here. You don’t need all the fancy tools to do things. They are fun and they can be helpful, but all you really need is your mind. I remember reading some 101 book(I can’t remember what one) a long time ago that talked about doing ritual all in your head. It makes sense if you don’t have the space and the more you can do in your mind the stronger your visualization process will be.

When I am sick I like to visualize the water washing my body and pulling any sickness out of it and sending it down the drain. You can also do that with stress or negative junk that is clinging to you.

Another way is to stand under the water and visualize your chakra’s opening. Let the water cleanse them and then follow it up with white light to get any other gunk out of them. Gently close them back up.

Similar to mypost on using rainto cleanse your house shields, you can also use the water to clean off anything on your personal shields. As you scrub yourself with soap or your luffa, visualize scrubbing any negativity off as well. Send it all down the drain.

Tones can also help release stress and tension. I will sometimes stand under the water, close my eyes and begin to work my way through different tones, holding them as long as feels right. As the tension escapes through my vocal cords I can feel my body relaxing more. If unsure of how to do tonal exercises, just start with the basic Do Re Fa La… and then start to make noises until you find one that seems to vibrate within you and work any stress out.

You can chant healing chants or cleansing chants as you wash yourself. Or you can buy body wash that is scented with something that you associate with whatever magick you are trying to work. As you clean your physical body let the scent help you cleanse spiritually as well.

Simple things, but they can be done at anytime, and you can take as little time or as much time as you wish with them. As you do your morning shower before work or school you can spiritually cleanse yourself and then put all your shields up. It’s an easy way to prepare for the day.


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