Astral Musings

I have several blog friends who do a lot of work on the astral. I see people occasionally talking about how “Omg I need to do astral work cause all these other people do it” I don’t necessarily think astral work is something that everyone needs to do. We all walk a different path. Some of us are called to do work on the astral. Some of us fall into it. Some decide to do it. In the end though it is not for everyone.

It reminds me of the people who see someone posting about doing a particular kind of work and then they feel to be “legit” they must also do it.

No. We are all called to do different work. We are all called to fill our own role. That might mean you do things that are different from every other pagan. It might mean you do some of the same things. You have to open yourself up and find your path. And then you have to figure out how to walk it.

I do some work on the astral. Not as much as I did when I was younger, but I do a bit. And from what I have seen of other people’s blogs my astral work is completely different.

The only work I tend to do there is work in my own little bubble of space. My own Astral temple as it were. And it is not as fantastical as other people. And you know what? I’m ok with that. I go there. I cleanse my space. I speak to my spirit animals. Sometimes I speak to my Gods. I meditate. I heal. And that is about it.

I am not called to do quests or search out information. I am not asked to go and battle my personal demons. I am not sent to meet others. I go and I do simple things. I am inspired by things I see. It is my space to reflect and to heal.

If I held up the things I do and compared them to others I might drive myself batty. Our work is valid. We don’t need to play the “Whose athame is bigger” game. So next time you start to compare your practice to another person, then Stop. Ponder. It is ok to look and say “Oh hey that is neat maybe I can use that.” But don’t look and go “Omg I am not a real witch because I don’t do all the things that so and so does”

We are not cookie-cutters. We are all hand rolled and shaped and that means we have unique parts to us. That means our paths may cross here and there, but it also means we have to occasionally walk somewhere else. Embrace who you are.


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