Storm cleaning

As the rain poured down this morning I sat in the candle light and visualized the storm cleansing my house shields of any gunk. Our homes protect us from so many things but we tend to focus so much on our own personal wards and shields. It is good to pause and remember that our space is larger than our personal bubble.

Every so often it is good to revisit the house wards and make sure they are still strong. Some may do it daily, some may only do it yearly. Personally I try to do it every few months or so. If I find things are starting to get stuck, if I am feeling restless or if more nightmares seem to be finding me, then I will make sure to do a full cleanse of the house and re-energize the wards.

Storms bring wind, rain and often the energy from thunder and lightning. I like to use that natural force to help clean out the stagnant and bring in some new flow. I was also a bit amused that I was drinking from my Thor cup as the storm rolled around. Sometimes the silly things are a good grounding.


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