Blending the mundane and spiritual

As I sit at my desk it can be all too easy to get sucked into work and disconnect from the spiritual side of things. People ponder how to merge the spiritual with their work but worry about having blatant pagan symbols in their workspace.

If I am working at home it is easier. I can light a candle and place it on my desk. The flickering light reminds me to pause every so often, stretch and take a moment to either pray or do a mantra or something.

When I worked in an office setting and in retail I did some other simple things. First I love rocks. I wanted to be a geologist for a good portion of my life. So I collect them. Regular rocks I find when out for walks. Pebbles from the beach. Semi-precious stones and crystals I buy in stores. They are all scattered on shelves around my home.

At work I would take a rock with me. Just something small that I could place on my desk. When anxious or stressed I could hold it in my hand and ground. Sometimes just glancing at it sitting there was enough to help me remember to breathe.

When I worked in customer service I would slip a few stones or crystals into a small pouch and carry it in my pocket. Like a worry stone I could slip my hand in and touch the bag and remind myself I am sacred. I could remind myself to stop and take a moment if I needed it.

Occasionally I would take some of my toys to put on my desk. Little things to make me smile and they remind me not to be so serious. To remember to laugh and see the positive side of things.

Simple little things I can do to help me pause and reflect. I can ground, pray, and find my spiritual center.


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