Lazy Sundays

It has been a lazy, yet productive Sunday. We got some cleaning and organizing done. There is pork in the crock pot and it smells delicious. The hubby is watching golf and I am organizing photos.

I managed to get another week caught up in my Project Life. I don’t exactly love the spread, but it is done. I think I have just been worrying over catching up and therefore not doing it. So I just sat down yesterday and got a week done. I made notes about what the next few spreads will be like and so I feel back on track.

A friend was moving and getting rid of all sorts of things since they had to shed some weight to make the move cheaper. He was happy to give to me a little photo printer he had never even opened. He even gave me the photo paper. Awesome! So I am going to set that up this week and test it out. I’ve been really happy with Costco’s prints and have a gift card to use to pay for them, but sometimes it will be easier to print at home.

I’ve also been getting some sewing projects done. My creative energy is coming back. I hope everyone else is getting their craft time in!


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