Morning devotion

I light my cinnamon scented candle. It flickers and the scent begins to fill the room. Since it’s a soy based candle with essential oils I find it doesn’t get perfumey like many scented candles do.

I stretch and then turn to face the east. I take a few deep cleansing breaths and then reach up, close my eyes and pull down the white light from the universe.

I vibrate Atah. (For thine is)

My hands move down, pulling the energy with it. I take a deep breath….Malkuth. (The kingdom)

My hands move up pushing the energy across my body. Ve Geburah…(the power) and then back across…Ve Gedulah (and the Glory)

I put my hands in the prayer position and finish it off. Le Olam, Amen. (forever and ever… amen..)*

I stand there breathing deeply and feel the light filling my body. I pull down from the universe and see golden light circling around me. I pull up from the earth and feel the red-hot energy cleansing me.

I continue on with the LBRP. I invoke the angels and push all negativity away. I feel centered. I pause to check over myself and take some time to gently remove some little pins of negativity that cling to my shields. Ill thoughts from others, mostly harmless, but still annoying. I visualize them leaving me and place them into the earth to be recycled into positive energy. The magma of the earth burns them up and I can feel my shoulders relaxing. I pour the white light over myself and see all those spots healing.

Another deep breath and I feel ready to move on with the day.

*Kabbalistic or Qabalistic Cross. Yes it is the Lord’s prayer in Hebrew.


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