Dancing Joy

I’ve been pondering many things lately. After I had Freyja appear for a second time in a meditation I thought I should do a bit of exploration. I googled, I pondered and then I pondered more.

I know there are some who believe that the Gods are all one and just different faces they show us. There are some who believe they are all individuals. I fall somewhere in the middle. It is difficult to put into words how I view the Gods. And for all I know the Gods may just be telling us different things to keep us guessing on how it all works. Mysteries are meant to be mysterious right?

I flipped back through my meditation journal and re-read some of the things from last year. I let my mind unravel my thoughts and put them on to simmer. I meditated and let myself open up to whatever knowledge I was meant to have.

My Lady Bast has told me before that she has no issue with Freyja because there is a connection. I assumed because of the cats but after some other research I see that they have a few other things in common as well.

To me they are individuals. Others may not agree, but that is how it has been presented to me and so that is what I am going with.

I wondered though if others have found this connection between them. I found this blog post, which was interesting. Several of the comparisons the writer makes rang true to me. Funnily enough on the weekend I was meditating and saw both of them. And there was much dancing.

Dancing for me is an expression of joy. It is an expression of worship. It is also just pure fun. I will often offer up my dance to the Goddess. It is a way to connect and a way to pray. So then I wonder am I drawn to Goddesses who dance because I love it or do I love to dance because the Goddess moves me? Either way it is something that I hope I never lose.

My husband is endlessly amused by me when I suddenly burst into dance in the middle of a store. What can I say, if I want to groove I’m going to groove. I don’t care how silly I look doing spins and waving my arms in the grocery store. Its as if suddenly I am full of so much joy and energy I have to let it go. And that is how I do it.

So I will keep on doing my work and meditating. Perhaps I will figure out this connection. Who knows maybe Bast and Freyja are hanging out in the cosmic dance club, laughing and having a good time.

Over the weekend I meditated and Freyja offered me up two snakes. I took them and they became bracelets. They shifted in between those ones you wear tight to your arm and bangles. I wiggled my arms and danced as they flashed gold in the light. I am reminded that something doesn’t have to be overtly religious to make you feel sacred. On Monday I put on some bracelets and every time I heard them jingle I remembered that I was a sacred being.

So I dance and I smile. I accept the gifts I am offered and find joy in them. I have worked hard and sacrificed much, now its time to dance and be thankful for the beauty that I have around me.


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