She changes everything…

I find these days that it is easier to meditate in bed. That moment as your body is relaxing and your consciousness is shifting seems to work so well to let myself sink into a journey state. If I’m too tired then I slide into dreams and if I have just enough awareness I flow into another state and do my work.

The house is quiet then and I know I won’t be disturbed.

It was in a moment like this, laying in bed, relaxed and heading into my sacred meditation mind space that the Goddess tapped me on the shoulder. I was surprised and felt I knew her but wasn’t quite sure. We spoke and magick happened. Sacred things that left me pondering many things.

When I came out of my journey I was wide awake and got up out of bed to write. Symbols had appeared and I know it will take me awhile to figure out what it all means. I asked some friends about Her and the name was not surprising and made me think back to last year when a similar thing happened.

It’s interesting to me how suddenly everyone will be talking about a specific pantheon or God or Goddess. It makes me wonder if they all take turns being the “popular” one for a while. The blog world will blow up with stories of a particular someone coming to them in ritual, in meditation, in dreams etc. After while it will fade and someone else will be mentioned. I suppose it is one way to make sure everyone gets a bit of time in the spotlight and a little extra worship.

Last year She visited me briefly and I wasn’t sure who it was. This year She was a bit more obvious in Her symbols so I would get it. What can I say, sometimes I miss the subtle things.

So Freya has prodded me gently. I’m not sure where this will go, or if its just a one time thing or what. We shall see, but I am sure that My Lady’s cats and Her cats will play nicely together.

I’ve spoken of the snake symbolism I see over and over. Transformation is happening. My world has changed so much in the past year and continues to do so. Thankfully I am flexible and growing with each change. I do love to learn.

I have been pondering going to the Unitarian Church here. A friend back home suggested it and I don’t know why I didn’t think of it. I’ve been emailing with one of the ladies at the Church, asking questions and so far I am happy with the answers. I’ve been looking over their classes and things as well and I am excited to see such a variety of things. I’ve been told a number of Wiccans go there and so I look forward to the chance to meet new people and maybe find spiritual community. Hopefully once we are all settled and unpacked from the move we can check out a few of their services and see how they feel.

Good things are coming.


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