Finding the time

Last year as I ran around ragged I made sure to find the time for myself and my spirituality. Every night I would stand at my altar, and even if it was just a “Thanks” it was something. I also spent a lot of time praying on my walk to and from work.

I was lucky enough to have several months off so I could spend time meditating throughout the day and spend time at my altar whenever the mood struck. Now I am back to reality and having to find time to be sacred.

This reminds me though that sacred moments are not always at the altar. Sometimes they can happen anywhere. I have gotten back into my habit of stretching daily; now I do it in the mornings right after waking up. Taking care of my body is a sacred act for me. As I stretch I can look inward, slowly wake myself up and enjoy the quiet as we stretch.

I do my best to spend a moment or two at my altar after I’ve gotten dressed and more awake. Even if it is just a minute, it reminds me that I am rooted, that I am a priestess and then I can go forward with a positiveness in my mind.

And I am back to praying as I walk. It is a simple thing, but it connects me and lets me walk mindfully and enjoy the moment.

Each of those is such a simple thing and some of them don’t last any more than 5 mins. And yet they ground me and lift my spirits.

That is the great thing about building your own spiritual practice, you can find the time. Sometimes it is a bit of a game of tetris, but you can squeeze in your moments where you need them and then build from there.

I think we often feel that we need to be doing rituals every day, or spending hours in nature or something to be spiritual. We forget that a simple act and a simple moment can be something beautiful.

So as you go through the rest of your week I urge you to stop and appreciate a moment. As you walk to the bus, or head into your office, stop and look around you. Enjoy the sights you get to see daily and be grateful for that. As you sit and eat your lunch pause and let your thoughts go inward. As you do any task chant or pray or do a mantra in your head to perk yourself up. Find the time in the daily things you do and create something sacred.

Because we are beautiful and we can make any moment sacred.


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