Crawling before flying

Sometimes I feel old.

Last year I was in a group and someone brought up Ouija boards. The discussion was going on and I simply said that I personally wouldn’t ever use them and if you did use them then you should make sure you are shielded up and know what you are doing.

This of course was met with the outcry of how I was stereotyping and shouldn’t badmouth tools blah blah blah. I told them that no, I was speaking from personal experience, and I simply didn’t like any tool that you were channeling through and all open. Cause you don’t know what will come through if you aren’t careful. Then I got told that if anything happened to me it was obviously my own fault.

Yes, of course because when a bunch of 8 and 9 year olds are at a party and someone gives them a “game” they are totally thinking “Oh hey, I should put my magick shield up.”

And that is my issue with Ouija boards. They are sold as a game. And if you give it to some kids who may or may not be open and in tune with the spirit world who knows what will happen. Luckily nothing serious happened, but it gave me enough of a weirded out vibe I have been careful since. I picked one up again in my teens to test out and I still didn’t like how it worked. Again that is my personal opinion. Use as you will.

But it seems these days you can’t give anyone a cautionary tale without them getting all up in your face with how much of a “bad ass witch I am and I don’t care, I’ll do what I want” attitude.

I’ve read blogs of people talking about how they want to do all this big magick, but… they have never learned how to shield, or never learned how to cast a protective circle, or have never meditated, done energy work or even you know studied anything to do with the magick they want to cast. They just want to do it cause all the other kids are.

My head usually hits the desk. Before you can walk you have to crawl. People seem to think they can bypass all the steps these days. They think if they can find it on the internet they can do it. No, no, no….

Stop. Learn the basics. Practice them before you take on anything big.

I don’t care how “Bad ass” you are. The spirits may also not care. As with anything it doesn’t matter how much talent you have, if you don’t hone your skills you will never be as amazing as you could be.

Don’t skip the 101 stuff. Don’t think you will “come back” to learning about the first step in a process. Build your foundations slowly and carefully. Everything you do will be stronger for it.

I am pretty damn good at shielding myself. Does that mean I don’t still sit and meditate and practice doing it? No. I still take the time to go over it, make sure I have them up, make sure I can control them as I wish. Practice makes perfect.

I feel like the internet has given us so many great resources, and yet it has given us also a laziness. Who knows though, I could be wrong in it all. Perhaps I am just an over cautious old lady. I’ll be sitting over here doing my thing. If you want to run head first into the hurricane without tying yourself down to something… well then I hope you enjoy your flight.


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