The new year comes…

With Samhain over I have been pondering my spiritual year. I know I do better in groups, I love the energy and the flow of ideas and creating community. From last Samhain till Litha I was a busy beaver. My spiritual practice grew in so many ways, I was more solid in who I was then ever and my community was strong.

I also added many new spiritual friends to my circle and started to poke about and learn all sorts of things.

I knew I would have a bit of a fallow time when I moved and that was ok. Rest is required to soak up information and to recharge the batteries. I had to find my footing and feel out the energy of this place before I could really ramp up again.

From Litha to Samhain I relaxed. I’ve read, I’ve done meditating, but I haven’t done any really deep workings. I know we are heading into the dark time of the year. It will be busy with holidays and all sorts of other things, but my brain is starting to tingle again. Growth will happen.

I do well with lists and making resolutions. So today I sat down and said “Ok, what next now that I am recharged?” I made my list and I have started to plan what I will be doing in the coming year. I am hopeful to begin creating community again. I am hopeful to reach out and find other like-minded folk in my area. I have already begun to find one or two.

I don’t care about politics or drama. I don’t care that this community I am in is fractured. Why? Because I believe that growth can happen again. Those who wish to be healthy and happy will be. Those who wish to bond and exchange energy will. And one by one the circle will grow and before you can blink the wheel will turn and we’ll be more solid.

I avoided the bull shit in my last community. I managed to have friends in a variety of circles, some of which did not like each other. How? Because people respected me and understood that I did not wish to be involved in the crap. People here will learn that I don’t care about the past witch wars. I don’t care about he said, she said. What I care about is going forward. What I want is to be able to share a Sabbat with others.

I am a go-getter once I decide to go. I am a natural leader, but I am also a team player. I support things the best I can, I step up when someone has to and I try to encourage others to grow and find their spot. Those who see any other leaders as a threat tend to not like me because of these qualities, but that is their loss. I will work with whoever is willing to work with me.

So the engine is turned on… we’ll just see where the road takes me!


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