Snowy woods

My dreams took me all over last night. One moment stood out and made me wish once again I could paint.

A group of us were walking through a field into some woods. The light was dim as it was early morning. Each of us carried some symbol of the God. I had a pair of antlers in my hands. As we walked the path through the woods we sang a song to the God. I don’t know the words now but I know it was nothing I had heard before.

As the others headed through the woods and down to a beach I paused and stared out through the trees. There was a light amount of snow on the ground and frost on the trees.

Peering through the thin trees I saw some horses. A dark chestnut mare standing quietly and at her side a more roan coloured foal. They stood in the trees and snow quietly. I was surprised and part of me wondered why I hadn’t seen deer instead.

I turned back to the path my friends had gone down and another chestnut mare came walking up it. Her fur was covered in bits of ice and frost and she huffed at me a bit and walked around me. Behind her another foal. This one I reached out to pat and scratch his ears. Then I told him to catch up to his mother.

It was peaceful. It had the sense of magic. And it was a beautiful moment.

The dream shifted to other things as they do. But I woke up with the scene tumbling through my mind.


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