This morning as I was working my LBRP I started to ponder a few things. I have been in classes and watched as people became uncomfortable when they were told what the Hebrew translated to. Many have an issue knowing they are working with the Lord’s Prayer.

And then you add in angels and suddenly you can see people twitching. I get that many people came from heavily religious backgrounds and so to go back to something from that faith bothers them. To me though it has never bothered me.

If we believe that many pantheons exist, then there is no reason to disbelieve in the Holy Trinity.

I know I have a different view on it. I wasn’t raised in a religious household. I only went to Church if I spent the night at a friend’s house and they went. The bible I had was a gift from someone outside the immediate family. I spent my childhood playing with tarot cards and doing astrology with my grandma. My mother and father never spoke of religion. I know that my dad was anti-christian because of the way he was raised (his mom was a hard-core Baptist) and my mom just never really talked about it.

Looking in at other faiths I can see the beauty. I craved spirituality as a child. I knew there was something out there and I was a seeker. I used to pray before bed. As a teen I started going to a youth group (my mother raised an eyebrow at this, but let me go). I wanted to find God but it just never clicked.

Then I found Wicca and things made sense. Things I had learned as a child fit with it. My own view points fit with it. I remember one night at youth group no one else had shown up and our youth leaders weren’t there. So the Pastor had stepped in. We sat and talked for a good long time about religion. And I told him my thoughts on Wicca and why I was exploring it. And he listened and nodded his head and at the end told me “It sounds like it might be right for you”

A Baptist pastor agreeing that Wicca is right. Granted this Baptist church is more liberal being on the west coast, but still. Amazing.

So I don’t have the bad memories that many do. I don’t have the fear or hate or anger. I don’t have that backlash feeling of needing to push it away from me because it was never a part of my life. I just think all faith is beautiful. And so I have no issue using a prayer to help banish negativity.

It does point out something important though, you should know what the words mean to something before you use them. Otherwise you may be triggering something inside and not knowing it.

And respect. We have to respect the words we are using. One should not lightly invoke such powers as the Arch-Angels. We need to make sure our intent is pure and focused.

Afterwards I always feel calm. I am centered and know I am filled with light.


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