Double Dare

It doesn’t matter what we do there will always be someone who looks down on us. I could let myself be pushed over by that, but instead I dare to be me.

I dare to dance in public, to twirl and bounce when the music moves me to groove.

I dare to sing out loud, badly usually, whenever a song asks to burst free.

I dare to wear bright colours, to dye my hair whenever I decide I want the change of pace, to paint my nails in funky designs.

I dare to go out in my pjs, to not shave my legs if I don’t have time, to not wear makeup because I’m ok with the natural me.

I dare to try new things, to not be afraid to walk a new path, to pick up a book based on the cover art.

I dare to laugh out loud, to giggle when I am amused, to laugh hard enough I snort.

I dare to ask questions, to listen when a friend tells me of a different religion, to open my mind and explore possibilities.

I dare to stand out, to be friendly, to smile at strangers, to introduce myself and make new friends.

I dare to live fully, to be happy, to be silly or serious.

I dare to love fiercely and with my whole heart.

I dare to walk my path as I see fit.

What do you dare to do?


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