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Dear Christians, please step up and school these monsters who are trying to claim that it is biblical to pull families apart and keep babies in cages. These people think that they are going to get your vote because they are using the bible. Please tell them how wrong they are. The rest of us are trying, but they aren’t listening to us.

I am trying to have hope for the world, but politics right now… I have been having many discussions all over the place about how immigration actually works. About how you can’t just magically get citizenship. About how it doesn’t matter if they are here “Illegally” they are still people, fleeing something we don’t understand. Where is our compassion? Why are we taking small children from their families and using this as punishment to try and stop others? This has never been ok and we apparently can’t learn from the past.

Canadians can’t sit on a high horse about this either, we have our own history of racism and we had our own concentration camps.  Don’t sit behind your border and be smug. Be active and do what you can to help. Fight the racism in your country.  Bit by bit we can heal the world.

The world needs to be better than this. We need to be better than this.

I keep talking about immigration. I keep using my own life as a chance to educate. I keep challenging people to look at their racist bias towards immigrants. It is a small step, but I hope it leads to bigger steps.

Every so often I have to take a news break. I know I have privilege in that. However, for my sanity I sometimes have to shut it out. Since I can’t vote, I don’t have a legal voice in this country. That can make it really frustrating to watch the news. Not to mention I worry about what will happen when it comes time to renew my green card with all the changes they keep talking about making.

I have been told many times by many different people “Well you are white and you came here legally so you’ll be ok” That isn’t the correct answer. I shouldn’t get to breathe easier just because of the colour of my skin. Other families have come here legally and still had issues. Other families are doing the right thing and still are being torn apart. I have to fight for them and fight for myself because the world is all kinds of screwed up.

No Shame

Some time ago one of the many witchy entrepreneurs I follow was offering up a free one on one session to get tips on your business. On a whim I sent in my application thinking it would be great to get some more tips on how to boost my etsy shop and blog etc.

I got back a very nice email saying that because it was just a hobby and not a serious business they were going to deny my application; they wanted to work with serious entrepreneurs at this time. I said I understood and moved on.

And I do understand. She wants to boost her own business with success stories and hone her skills on people who are fully invested. However, it made me pause and start to look at the content put out by lots of these different coaches and business leaders. There are always these speeches about whether or not you are witchy enough, or committed enough, or why are you denying your dream by working 9-5, why aren’t you your own boss, why are you not creative enough etc.

There is a lot of shame there. I love sewing. I love to be creative.  However, I also love my 9-5 job. I get to work with an amazing team of people. I get to work on projects that I care about, I get to help people daily and feel productive. I get to let my organized side of my brain play. I also get to leave my house and talk to people.

Those things might not mean much to everyone, but to me they are important. Yes, I love to be creative. Yes, it would be cool to work from home, but I know I would suffer a bit as I need social time. I know I need to work on something that feels important to me. There shouldn’t be any shame in wanting a regular job.

It goes along with all the instagram accounts and blogs where we compare our spiritual life. We don’t really know what is going on there. We are all doing our own thing. Don’t let shame sneak in. You do you and be proud of it.

Every so often I use the hashtag honestwitchcraft. It isn’t always pretty crystal grids and tarot cards. Sometimes it is doodles on paper when you have 3 seconds, sometimes it is a candle lit while you fold laundry, sometimes it is intense ritual, sometimes it is a moment in the backyard. There is so much out there that makes us think we have to act and look a certain way. Is it any wonder new seekers are a bit overwhelmed and think they must have all the things?

Let’s have a little less shaming of the people working hard to support themselves and their families. Let’s have less shaming of the people figuring out their spiritual lives and what it should look like. Let’s have more support and reminders that life is crazy, but we’re all doing the best we can.





My father died when I was 12. Unfortunately, I don’t have much left of him. Due to family drama my sister and I never received anything from his house, and dad wasn’t a big writer so I only have 3, maybe 4 random things with his writing on it.

I think about that sometimes, how we don’t have something physical to tie us to his memory.

I thought about it more when my son was born. As an older parent I am aware that my husband and I won’t be around forever. As someone who has dealt with death over and over in my life, I am comfortable with the idea of getting old and dying, but I know how hard it is to be left behind.

Recently, I was thinking about how I want to be creative again and so does my husband. So I went out and got us hard cover journals and told him we were going to start drawing, doodling or whatever in them. My thought is they will be passed onto the kids when we are gone. I just started drawing in mine. It will be random, as that is how I roll, but I do plan to leave notes and thoughts for my little dude in it.

I made these pages today.


I have to poke my husband, but I am sure his will be more like a regular sketch book. Which would still be cherished by his kids, I am sure. Plus it is good to have a creative outlet that is easy to transport. My sewing is great and the kids will have all the things I made them, but it isn’t always easy to carry all that around to work on. This is simple and small.


Weekend fun

We had a quick and relaxing weekend away to the in-laws. The little dude got to have one on one time with Nana and Papa and we got to go out and have 2 small “dates”. It was nice, and hopefully we’ll get to do it again sometime. Often when we go to Nana’s house it is all chaos. We go for birthdays and Xmas so it’s all dogs, kids, and gifts and craziness. It has been a little overwhelming for him. So this nice mellow weekend was a good one.

And for us, it was nice to be able to go out for a lunch date and a movie. We haven’t been able to do that in almost a year. Avengers 3 was awesome and we look forward to all the other amazing movies about to come out.

The shop had a mini update last week. I got some reusable snack bags up. They are perfect for dry snacks. They would also work great for dice, runes, toys, or whatever. I plan to make some others with witchy materials as well.

I feel like I haven’t had a lot of time to sit and craft lately, but when I realized it is now June I began to mentally make a list. Xmas will be here before we know it and I have stuff to do! Plus there are things I want to get made for the shop, so keep your eyes open for an update there.

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Keep kids safe

My heart hurts for many things in this world, but right now it hurts for all the children being ripped from familiesthe kids that have been lost in the system,  and the reports that some of these children may have ended up with human traffickers.

I can’t imagine what these kids are feeling or what their families feel like. I’ll be doing a working with some other pagan mama’s to try and send some healing out. As many people in my life know, kid safety is a big button for me. I’ve been all over the map with my feelings over this news.

Glennon Doyle has a great post about what her team is doing and how we can help. You can find it on her FB page. 

I am sure there are other organizations getting together to do what they can. Feel free to post in the comments if you know of any.