Dragon Shadows (book review)

One of my instagram friends has written a book! I gave it a quick review here before, but now she is running a contest. Looking for something new to read before the end of summer? Go check out her book on Amazon. It is a fun fantasy/romance book, with dragons, magic and sex. I enjoyed... Continue Reading →


Hello August

Having had company for the past few weeks means I am way behind in everything. Insert a flail here. I had planned to work on Xmas gifts this summer, but I have a feeling that won't happen. Thankfully, I did do some work in the spring so I know I'll get it taken care of.... Continue Reading →

The first harvest

The challenge began on Aug 1st. You can find the first 2 prompts on my FB page or through Instagram. I hope it helps inspire people as we work through this first harvest. My Lughnasadh was spent with family. Yesterday was the last day of the visit from my mom and sister. We puttered around... Continue Reading →

Summer fun

Where did the summer go? At work we are gearing up for the Fall Semester, and I can't figure out what happened to July. We had the tween for a week and it was pretty chill. They all stayed home with the little dude working on potty training for the first few days and then... Continue Reading →

Blessed Solstice

I hope you all had a meaningful celebration. I spent time doing more work, burning spell candles and praying. May all our work keep building up power and may we make change.  Blessed Be

Do the work

The last few days I have been in research mode. I've been sharing articles that are thoughtful and full of excellent points. I've been arguing with people in threads. I've been dropping links to the snopes fact checks on statements people make. I also pulled my big girl pants up and called my senator yesterday.... Continue Reading →

Shop sale!

Etsy is having a birthday sale right now so you can find all my sewn items on sale for 10% off! Here is a sampling of some of the items you can find in the store! Check it out at Stone Spiral Creations


Dear Christians, please step up and school these monsters who are trying to claim that it is biblical to pull families apart and keep babies in cages. These people think that they are going to get your vote because they are using the bible. Please tell them how wrong they are. The rest of us... Continue Reading →

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