I've been hard at work the past few months sewing up cute things. Have you popped by the Facebook page to check them out? You can also find Whimsy & Stitches on Instagram   Pluto's retrograde has led to some panic and stress. Last week was full of crazy stressful surprises from all sorts of... Continue Reading →



Last night I had a dream/vision. In this a God marked me with a rune. I am not sure who he was. This morning I am having a hard time figuring out what it is. I think it might be an upside down short twig rune from the Young Furthark. I just don't know if... Continue Reading →

Dream messages

There has been a lot of restlessness in our house. My little dude has been sleeping better and then last night was a bad night. I'm surprised I was able to dream given how much he was moving around and talking in his sleep. I haven't had a dream that felt this way in a... Continue Reading →

The planets…

Yay Mercury goes direct again! How was this retrograde for you? My IG feed was full of people who were very excited. I am tried, but otherwise ok. The worst was getting the flu, but thankfully I was prepared to zip my lips when I felt it was appropriate or stand firm and speak. I... Continue Reading →

Mental spring cleaning

Happy Spring! The weather has turned and the birds are back. It feels like the light has finally returned to us. We were laid up with the flu last week so we didn't get to celebrate spring. We did get to go outside and play in the dirt a bit and that felt so good.... Continue Reading →


Mercury is in retrograde again. While I don't like to blame the planets for things, I have noticed that there is an upswing in communication issues when this happens. Maybe it is only because I am paying closer attention, or maybe it is really happening, who knows. This week has had its ups and downs.... Continue Reading →

The forever winter

Will this winter ever end? I am beginning to think that The Day after Tomorrow happened and no one told us. Ha. I know, spring will come, but this never ending cold is sucking my energy away. I've been trying to keep busy with fun things. We've had many colouring days, and done crafts, and... Continue Reading →


The midwest has survived the Polar Vortex! I will admit to getting as bit stir crazy as I was in the house most of the week, but we are safely on the other side of the crazy cold and now its going to warm way up and make a slushy ice rink. Wee. Today is... Continue Reading →

Hello December

So much has been going on the past few weeks. The end of the year is always crazy busy, but this year was even crazier! First, I did my very first craft fair. The Madison Now group put on a Craft Fair last weekend and it was awesome. The organizers did an amazing job with... Continue Reading →

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