Into the dark

Friday night my mother called me to let me know my Grans was sick again. Sunday we got another call to let me know she had passed away. I was very close to my grandma. It is hard to know she has passed onto wherever she has gone. It is also hard to know I... Continue Reading →

Summer Solstice

I don't often celebrate the sabbats on their actual day. Life happens. I have learned to be flexible and enjoy my celebrations, even if they aren't on the calendar day. I had a few extra floating holidays to use up, so I took Friday off to do my solstice celebrations. I don't tend to go... Continue Reading →

May full moon

So we're 9 weeks into our Stay at Home. For the most part it has gone well for me. I have settled into working from home and am adjusting to not getting out much. I miss people, but at the same time I am able to get so much more done in a day when... Continue Reading →

Masks & what month is it?

Here we are and it is apparently almost Beltane. How did that happen? Jan - March took 11 million years and April just flashed by us. I know we're all going a bit stir crazy, but at least the weather is finally starting to be nice here. It helps to be able to get out... Continue Reading →

Pandemic life

Here we are, living through interesting times. Back in February, when the CDC first began to warn us about the COVID-19, I took stock of what we had. We went out and replenished anything that was low, and grabbed a few extra supplies. Just in case. My husband sometimes teases me about my prepping mentality,... Continue Reading →

Imbolc energy

Imbolc eve was a quiet night. I've been struggling with coming up with traditions that I can share with my toddler for all the holidays. I want him to have an understanding of what mommy does, but also have the freedom to decide his own way. Every so often I feel like I figure out... Continue Reading →

Simple Samhain Ritual

Happy Monday! I had a busy weekend and got in some socializing time. This helped my mood, but it means I didn't get anything done this weekend. There is always a trade-off. Saturday I ran a simple and short Samhain ritual for a few friends. I'm going to share it here in case you need... Continue Reading →

October weirdness

Fall is here and Samhain vibes are high. The weather has been all over the place, but the leaves look beautiful. I've been struggling a bit, my depression tried to sneak in a few weeks ago when I was super exhausted and fighting off a cold. Most people know I am honest about everything. I... Continue Reading →

Shine brightly

I've been stepping outside my comfort zone. I've been allowing my filters and shields to drop. I've tapped back into parts of me that haven't been allowed out in several years. It is amazing and at the same time difficult. People in general don't like to change their routines. We are creatures of habit. And... Continue Reading →

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